Lollypop Favorites

I haven’t been on the internet much at home the last couple weeks. I don’t know, a lag, I guess. I’ve been trying to get a Wii, so I’ve watched and amazon’s wii page. That’s been the extent of my surfing.

Anyway, I tried something new this Sunday at the shelter. I brought my external flash to change the lighting. I’ve noticed that a lot of my closeup pictures have a flash halo at the bottom, a shadow caused by the lens of the camera. Today, I held the flash to the side to get higher contrast pictures.

I like the way the pictures look, but it takes two hands. I usually take the picture with my right hand, and keep the cat in the cage with my left. Today I fumbled with two hands and three things to do. The pictures are worth the extra hassle,I think., My Flickr Lollypop Collection

One Response to “Lollypop Favorites”

  1. Manuel Says:

    You’ve blogged as much as me in the last week! Good luck with the Wii find. It is great!

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