Lollypop Favorites

 Here’s the inside of Cat Adoption.  Adopters can look at the cats through windows on the other side of the cages.  There are 60-70 cages depending on how many are connected to make cat suites.


 Good boy!  I reached over the cage door to take this picture of the German Shepard.  I almost got a really stunning perspective as he got up on his hind legs to check out the camera.  It was all fuzzy, so we’re left with this helicopter shot.  The left picture is from Cat Holding 2 (strays).  Whenever I go in the holding rooms, cats reach out to grasp at anything within reach.  I get stopped all the time as one or another grabs onto my camera strap and won’t let go.  Instead, I often get into a tug of war with a gang of kittens.

Lollypop Farm Home Page, My Flickr Lollypop Collection

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