Identity Theft Day 2

Well, the guy at the bank said that my account was officially closed today (?!) Even though I told them about it two days ago (?!)  My overdraft protection dragged my savings account into this mess, so now the money’s pretty much gone.  My checking account history keeps changing, with charges appearing and disappearing each day.  I counted $1721 in charges, but the fraud department only counted $432 (?!)

I did get my replacement check card.  that was faster than I expected.  I activated it and spent some of the meager dregs left in my checking account at 7-11.  I think you may be right, it sounds like a woman stole my card number.  More charges showed up today from the Gap.  Oh, and (she) bought (her)self some Halloween costumes at Frank Bee Costumes.  How Festive! <grumble>

 Paris Photo Collection

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2 Responses to “Identity Theft Day 2”

  1. jackalope Says:

    You would think that with these very specific charges they could go to these locations to figure out the common element and catch this person. Will you be responsible for any of the charges??? After they clear, will you be done with this incident or is there more to do to rehabilitate your credit rating???

  2. Nicola Says:

    How maddening – did you have any card protection/insurance?

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