Identity Theft

… the vultures are circling

Yup, I’m now a statistic.  Someone got my check card number and charged $1700 before the bank figured it out.  Then, to twist the knife, the bank transferred a hunk out of my savings account to cover the overdraft 😦  the guy at the bank said that I should get a new card in a day or two.  the lady at the bank said that I should have the money back in my account in a day or two.  Basically, I have to wait a day or two while my checking account history keeps getting redder and redder.

That’s not to say I haven’t gotten anything out of all this.  The perp was kind enough to order me two bottles of Prostalex and a sure fire way to make money in bank Forclosures.  They showed up in the mail yesterday.  I’m sure that brought a smile to his/her face when they ordered it.  Let’s see, they also got a gateway computer, some clothes at lanebryant and the Gap, and paid their t-mobile bill.

The last one seems like a stupid mistake on the perp’s part.  We’ll see.  More to come…

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4 Responses to “Identity Theft”

  1. Vallerina Says:

    That sucks!!!!!

    Sounds like it was a chick too.

  2. glorious Says:

    GASP! Awful. I hope they catch her/him. What makes people think they can do this?

  3. Manuel Says:

    That sucks man. My wife had her identity stolen once when she lost her license. They created fake checks with her name and address on them and spent them all over town. Almost $5,000 before they stopped. It was a pain.

  4. Nicola Says:

    I hope this is all sorted by the time you get this comment.

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