New Kite New Bracket

I’m sorry I haven’t been online this week. something personal came up and I’ve been focused on that. I did get out for an hour today, and I decided to try out my new KAP rig, version 3, maybe 4, if you count the mickey mouse rig I tried first.

Yeah, I know, another school. A soccer field this time… football pitch, if you must. that’s the New York State Thruway and a golf driving range in the background. It’s boring, but I’m still testing the kite and the camera rig. I think I need a new camera. These pictures have a lot of pixelation. We’ll see.

Here’s the new rig. I moved the servo up to the top of the frame and added a twisted wire to trip the shutter. I make fishing lures out of stainless steel wire, so I had the tool to wrap the wire. When I tried it with a single wire, it wasn’t stiff enough to take a picture.  The twisted wire is more reliable than the direct connection I used before.  It missed fewer shots, but I still expected more than 79 pictures on the card when I got it home.  Maybe I went beyond the range of the transmitter for a while?

The new kite works pretty well. It bucks a bit in the wind, but I think adding a couple tails will stabilize it.

KAP Set, Rocky Mountain DC Kite

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  1. Nicola Says:

    Hope everything is OK?

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