KAPitulate? Never!

 When I tried camera bracket v1, the kite was only able to lift the bracket about 10 meters into the air… once.  I decided to build a lighter bracket.  I made camera bracket v2 out of 1/16 inch thick aluminum.  The other bracket was 1/8 inch thick.  The v2 bracket is at least 1/3 lighter than its predecessor.  I don’t have a scale, so I’m estimating.  Once I got bracket v2 out in the field, I had the same problem.  IT’S TOO HEAVY!  I’ve already put the bracket on a diet, time to bulk up the kite.  I’ve had this old French Military Kite for years.  The cat chewed through the bridle a while ago.  After restringing the bridle, I took it out to the field.


 Ta da!  Left is the neighborhood next to the local high school.  Right is the roof of the high school.  I took about 100 pictures.  most of them were blurry.  I have to change the camera settings to get a faster shutter speed.  My French Military Kite also has a tendency to veer to the left since a crash some years ago.  The camera was swinging quite a bit at times.  The kite’s cross spar broke towards the end of the flight.  That’s ok, it was 20 years old, it doesn’t owe me a thing.  For now, I have a working aerial photographic rig.  It’s cobbled together and needs maintenance after every flight, but it works. 🙂

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2 Responses to “KAPitulate? Never!”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Awesome! It works! Congrats!

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