Dear Google


I have a business idea for your YouTube company.  I work for a school district in upstate NY.   I maintain their computer network.  Over the years, I’ve seen the district try several different ways to deliver educational videos to students.  The catalogs are diverse in subject and media.  The video shelf at the middle school library looks like a geological cross section of video format history.  We have an almost complete skeleton of a betamax Civil War series.

Anyway, here’s my idea.  I noticed that isn’t taken.  It looks like a Google property from the front page.  This site could be developed into an educational resource.  Many teachers stream their videos, but I think that there is a market for a collected site of educational videos.  The youtube concept also lends itself to a collaborative site where students can upload their own videos and attach them to other education content.  The site would have to be controlled to meet the requirements for school access.  No Japanese game shows, more’s the pity.  Further, I think that restricting membership to current students and staff would keep the focus on education.

Districts are desperate to stream line their educational process to meet new Federal guidelines like No Child Left Behind.  The new focus on reading and the sciences has forced teachers to look for new ways to deliver more information to students.  There are some educational streaming sites out there.  I think it is the youtube community concept that would make an exceptional site

Thank you


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  1. Nicola Says:

    What an excellent idea !

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