Sterling Renaissance Faire

 I bid thee welcome to the Faire!  A festyval of oddityes and entertayners of everi sort, hosted by the queen herself.  The byshop was also in attendance.


 Sir Walter Raleigh rallyed his forces in the human chess match.  The byshop wyshed to play a game against the queen.  Men vs. women, wyth the spoils going to the vyctor!


Sir Walter and one of the Queen’s handmaidens settled their dispute with quarterstaffs.  All went well for Sir Walter, until the handmaiden struck him in a sensitive place.  Ice, Sir Walter, Ice!



 Allas, the fairer side prevailed, no doubt due to an unfair advantage.



 Blockhead and sword swallower Johnny fox entertained the crowd before the human chess match.  He was my favorite act at the faire.  He was funny and performed many of the traditional carnival acts like three card Monty, the endless water vessel, and of course, sword swallowing.


Glass blowers and earthenware makers show their crafts to the faire-goers.  The items they make are for sale, of course 😉

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One Response to “Sterling Renaissance Faire”

  1. Nicola Says:

    That looks like a lot of fun

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