Maiden Flight

 I looked out the window this afternoon and saw the bending branches.  Inspired, I grabbed the dog and headed for the High school playing fields.  I was only there for 15 minutes because my rig is TOO HEAVY.   The kite was only able to lift it a couple times.  These pictures were taken from the highest altitude I achieved. I think I have to adjust my trigger servo.  I triggered the shutter a dozen times, but only got 2 pictures on the card.  For a first try, it’s not bad.  I didn’t break anything…

Back to the drawing board.  I either need a bigger kite or a lighter rig.  I’m going to try a lighter rig first.  I thought aluminum would be light enough, but when I got the whole thing together, it was heavier than I anticipated.  Plexiglass might work.  I have some from a car computer that never got built.  I learned how to bend plexiglass with a propane torch on that project.

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3 Responses to “Maiden Flight”

  1. Nicola Says:

    I think it is fantastic you have got this far ………..

    • Randi Says:

      I love being able to get outside and ride my bicycle with my husband and daughter when the weather warms up. It is a major activity for us from spring through fall and we often plan our vacations around cycling opttipuniores.Please enter me in your yummy Spring Song set drawing and have a great spring!Thank you

  2. Manuel Says:

    Well, it’s a great start!

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