Fly Away

I’ve had a pretty complicated couple weeks. I’m sorry I haven’t been reading or responding much.

I did go to a butterfly conservatory last weekend, which was a great pleasure. The conservatory is a large glass dome with tropical plants throughout the interior. Once you’re inside, there are a dozen or more species of butterflies floating around. Hundreds of them fill the interior.

I’ll shake off my blogging dry spell… and I’ll avoid a cheesy butterfly metaphor here 😉

The chrysalii hang in a plexiglass enclosure. Holes cut in the window let the butterflies exit once they have emerged and dried off.

3 Responses to “Fly Away”

  1. jackalope Says:

    Beautiful shots!
    I remember going to a butterfly farm when I was in England. I also remember it was so moise inside the enclosure that a light came on on my camera warning me of high humidity in the camera’s innards…I had to take the camera outside and let it air out. This was in the “old days” before digital cameras (although I suspect they wouldn’t like high humidity either).

  2. glorious Says:

    I love butterflies. Unfortunately, we don’t see a lot of them around here. Must be the cell phones or the pest control. Sad.

  3. Nicola Says:

    WOW ……….. just look at them …………. I love the green one at the top …….. I also love the second one down on the left – what amazing hues and texture.

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