Mendon Ponds South Meadow


Lori and I walked the South Meadow trail this afternoon.  It was nice to get out and walk, now that the heat has let up a bit.  I tried something new this time.  I took off my 90mm macro lens, and opted for the 70-300 macro.  I don’t like this lens at all.  It’s slow, cheap, and has artifacts on the glass.  It does have a long distance macro, though.

I have to get really close to the subject with the 90mm.  I’ve bumped into more than one butterfly trying to get just a little bit tighter.  that’s the coolest feature of that lens.  The minimum focusing distance is just a couple inches.   The last time I walked the high meadow, I couldn’t get within a dozen paces of any of the cool critters.  They just flew off before I could get into range.  With the 70-300, I could take pictures from a distance, but still get close shots.  I really need to replace this lens with something better.

Mendon Ponds Set

One Response to “Mendon Ponds South Meadow”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Love these bugs!

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