In an Instant

As I was driving to Lollypop last Sunday, my car hit a milestone of sorts. 22,222 miles. Ipulled over and took a picture. I’ve been noticing symetrical numbers for years. It’s a strange phenomenon. At first, I thought I was just noticing 11:11 because that’s when the first commercial break of the late night news happens. Now it happens all the time, even on clocks that aren’t right. I see 1:11 through 12:12 on clocks all the time. It freaked me out enough that I switched from a digital watch to an analog one.

I decided a while back that this synchronicity happens when there’s a transition in my life. It’s not always really significant. The clock read 3:33 when I got out of the car today, transitioning from the garage to the house.

Time, indeed events, are not so static as we make them out to be. Take the firing of a canon. The light, which I captured in these pictures, reached me first. Then the sound and shock waves. Since those waves hit the spectators at different times, we all experienced the canon firing at different times. So, me noticing odd times on clocks may represent anything. Maybe they represent events that happened eons ago in a far away Galaxy, and I’m just noticing them now.

3 Responses to “In an Instant”

  1. glorious Says:

    I Love That!
    I’m very aware of numbers and sometimes when I’m watching an old Video I lose concentration on the movie because I’m watching for the numbers to line up to 1001, 1010, 1111, 1212, 1221 etc. I am a little bit OCD so I attribute it to that but lately I look at my clock in the car on my way back to work from lunch and notice it is 1:11! It happens almost every day. At night I turn out the light and look at the clock. It is 10:01. LOL! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Sonja Says:

    You must have loved 7/7/07! An all day number!!!

  3. Dr. Memory Says:

    Lately, when I’ve needed to check the time, it very often has :11 in the minutes. Most often it’s 3:11 or 9:11. It happens quite often. Freaky.

    I take it in stride though. Every time it turn out 9:11 I just say “Yep, I know. Inside job.”

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