New Nylons

I ordered a kite for my aerial photography project the other day. It should show up in a couple days. It’s a 1.4 meter sled made out of ripstop nylon. The wind inflates two tubes on either side of the kite to help keep its shape. It’s designed to be a cross between an airfoil and a traditional kite. It was only $30 including 500 feet of 90# kite line, so it’s not much of an investment. So far, I’ve spent less than $100 on this project.

Now, I’m taking another look at the camera bracket. The bracket is made of the graphite spars and connectors from a novelty kite. The materials are strong and light, but not very stiff.  The rubber connectors make the joints flex too much.   A super adhesive in the connectors might help, but I’m starting to reconsider the whole idea of using the graphite spars.  I might be better off with a more traditional bracket made out of aluminum.

I don’t have a way to aim the camera.  My remote control system can support two servos, so I’m going to get another servo.  The second servo will rotate the bracket.

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