Two Cheneys

 Well, the Vice President has admitted that he is part of the Executive Branch.  Seemed inevitable to me, you don’t have to go much past the first page of the Constitution (Article II, section I) to know that the VP is in the Executive Branch.  Dick Cheney argued that he is part of the Legislative branch since he is the President of the Senate(Article I, Section III), and casts tie breaking votes there.  That’s not enough to make him part of the Senate, regardless of how many ways his chief of staff tries to parse the Constitution.  I’m interested to see if he will now be forced to comply with the Executive order.  Should Cheney succeed in dodging the National Archives, then the historical record of his office will be tainted.  The Archive auditors’ job is to make sure that documents are being preserved for historical purposes.  I expect Mr. Cheney to redact and withhold his record to make himself look better.  He’s been hiding his record for more than 4 years now, no reason to think that he’ll release it without some outside pressure.

NYTimes article.

One Response to “Two Cheneys”

  1. Sonja Says:

    Aaarrgh. I can’t stand that guy. I don’t understand the teflon-like nature of this guy, he just gets away with everything.

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