Rochester Twilight Criterium

The Criterium winds through the streets of Rochester, NY.  The racing started at 3:45PM and ran until 10:30.  I came a little late and left early, but I still saw some tremendous cycling.  After looking through my pictures, the 180 degree turn at the Bausch and Lomb plaza is my favorite.

The racers make a 90 degree turn into the plaza, then a 90 degree left, then 180 degree right.  It’s an exciting part of the course.  We saw two crashes while we were there.


As he came around the second turn of the B&L Courtyard and prepared for the 180, his bicycle suddenly straightened  up.  It looked like he was having trouble with his bindings.  No one was hurt, and he reentered the race.


I posted a while back about creating blur/motion shots.  A cycling race is the perfect environment to take motion pictures.   The action was fast and close.  The Bausch and Lomb 180 gave a unique photographic vantage point.  I could take pictures of the cyclists as they approached me, from the side, and as they moved away from me.  We walked around, but wound up coming back to the loop several times.  If you get a chance to see a criterium, I highly recommend it.

Flikr Set

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