Radio Tower

As I returned from lunch, I saw a crew working on the High School’s radio tower. Almost all of the school district’s buildings have radio towers on them. Microwave antennas connected the computer and telephone networks between the buildings.  As you can see, there are only a couple microwave dishes on the tower today. The district is connected by gig fiber now, so we don’t need the microwave dishes anymore. The towers remain, though.  The Henrietta Fire department put one of their radio transmitters on the tower last year. Now, it looks like there are a couple cell phone antennas going up there. The district can get rent for those antennas… and they could use that money to get a flat screen tv for the computer services department? Probably not. 🙂

That’s a long way up, or down, depending… I couldn’t climb radio towers for a living. One of the crew climbs the tower to attach a hoist onto the top of the tower. Then the crew lifts the antenna with a winch on the truck. Then two guys go up and attach it to the tower. All the time, 300 feet up in the air. No, thanks. It was pretty cool to watch, though.

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