Green Heron

MrBirdnerd  identified my mystery bird from Punta Cana.   It’s a Green Heron.  I had so much fun photographing it that I’d like to post a couple more pictures.  Now, Mr. Smarty Pants, is it a boy, or a girl? 😉


This heron was at home on the grounds of the resort.  With a full time bakery on the premises, the staff stocked boxes outside with day old bread.  Guests could feed fish in the ponds , parrots on the deck, even the turkey in the back.  on top of that, the staff gave the animals feed or seed as well.

The heron hunted the fish in the ponds.  The heron knew enough to follow a human carrying bread at the edge of a pond.

I threw a dinner roll into the water, and the fish immediately attacked it.

It flew to a stump in the middle of the pond.  As the fish pushed the dinner roll towards its perch, it leaned a little closer.  He deftly snatched a fish out of the pile as it went by.

So, if this heron is so accustomed to using humans to get a meal, why was it so shy?  I suppose I should be glad that it hasn’t been domesticated.  We interacted but never crossed that barrier.  It was great fun trying to get into picture taking position before it flew to the next pond over and the chase would start all over again.

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3 Responses to “Green Heron”

  1. MrBirdNerd Says:

    As to if it’s a boy or girl,

    Hard to tell unless you saw them together.

    Here’s a description from Cornell Lab of Ornithology:(

    Sex Differences

    Sexes similar, but female slightly smaller, duller, and lighter.

  2. Nicola Says:

    A great shot of a very fine bird.

    BTW you are about to be tagged 😉

  3. jackalope Says:


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