Road From Canandaigua

There were way too many cool things to photograph at the Canandaigua Historic Car Show.  I couldn’t fit it all into one post.  Canandaigua is a great town on the North end of Canandaigua Lake, one of the Finger Lakes.  It’s a town of details that are usually missing in bigger towns.  The stores are (mostly) local businesses.  With the car show in town, those details had details.

I usually only see classic cars in passing.  I get a few seconds to admire them before they’re gone.  Saturday, I got to see all the little things that make these cars so interesting.  I suppose it’s the little things more than the passing admiration that keeps a restorer interested.


I like the details of my hobby, too.  I’m interested in the technical part of photography.   Photography relies in equal parts on art and science to work.  Science in the sense that we use an instrument to measure the world around us.  How well you operate the camera has a lot to do with the quality of the results.  I have an annoying habit of rolling the selector in the wrong direction when I’m changing my meter from center weighted to spot.  I should know better by now, but I still do it every time.  That’s a flaw in my photographic technique.  I don’t mind so much.  I figure it has some unknown psychological cause.

Being artistic, that’s more difficult.  It has to do with angles and the nature of light.  You can only rely on the basics of color psychology, Culturally familiar shapes and lines, and improvisation.  Notice any of those traits in this post?


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  1. Nicola Says:

    I like these a lot ……….

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