Lollypop Favorites

Still with the kittens? You bet, Lollypop Farm is fairly full of kittens. There were a couple empty cages in the owner surrenders. That’s a good sign. I didn’t go into the Stray room because they had a case of Distemper in there last week.

I don’t come home with a new animal every week… I figure that makes up for my generally poor money management skills. 🙂

This crowd of miscreants kept trying to grab my clothes, camera strap, whatever they could get at through the bars. I had to take a bunch of pictures of the litter in the cage above them, too.

Afterwards, Amber and I went on the farm walk. As we were passing the Pot Bellied Pig field, I saw a fire truck and a whole bunch of people gathered around a pit in the horse enclosure. They were participating in a large animal rescue drill. A plastic horse is filled with water to represent the true weight of a horse, then it is “rescued” by a forklift and team of emergency rescue veterinarians.

One Response to “Lollypop Favorites”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Kitties – purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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