Fire Safety

I ran into some Fire Fighters at an elementary school the other day.  I happened to have my camera with me because we want pictures of our new mobile Lab.  Turns out, the department uses some of my pictures from last year for screensavers.  Cool!  Anyway, the department just bought three new vehicles, and they need someone to take pictures of them.  The Lieutenant seemed a little abashed that he couldn’t pay me.  Ha!  I get a chance to take pictures of brand new firetrucks, with rooftop aerials?  I’d pay for the chance (Uh, Mike, if you read this, I’m just kidding 😉 )


The Fire Safety Trailer is a miniature house, complete with half height living rooms, bedrooms.  A second grader just has to bend his head.  As the students tour the house, they get instruction on fire safety and even have to evacuate the “burning” trailer.

 My Henrietta Fire District Photo Set

One Response to “Fire Safety”

  1. Nicola Says:

    What a fantastic idea for the kids …….. and a great opportunity for you.

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