KAP v2

I decided to upgrade my Kite Photography kit. Instead of cobbling the whole thing from nothing, I’m going to buy some parts, and cobble the rest. Since I haven’t taken a picture from a kite in years, I’m pretty much starting from scratch. This remote control was $40 and comes with one servo.

Here’s what happened last time I tried my hand at aerial photography.

This time around, I bought a used point and shoot. I won’t mind losing a $50 camera quite so much. I have almost everything I need to try taking some pictures. I still need a kite, as the one I have is old and cat-chewed. This is the kite I’m considering. Here is the parts list so far:

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 885, $60 (Incl shipping)

7.5 foot airfoil kite (Tie Dye 😉 ), $40

Futaba 2 channel transmitter/receiver/servo, $40

I still have to connect the camera to the kite line. I think I’m going to build the bracket myself instead of buying something. Eventually, I’d like to get another servo. That way, I can aim the camera as well as trip the shutter.

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