Rush Oak Openings

I was searching the Internet, looking for a new place to go when I stumbled upon a reference to an “Area of Exceptional Forest Character“.

Oak Openings, or Oak Savannahs, are very rare in the Eastern US. The Quinn tract is the Easternmost one in the country. Openings are just that, large fields of grass in the middle of an Oak forest. This ecosystem is dependent on fire to clear the fields and competing trees from the forest. Oak withstands fire better than most tree species, so it tends to dominate the forest around the fields.

NYDEC description, Town of Rush, NY description

Here are two pictures of an opening. I think modern prescribed burns have created the square look. Another, smaller opening I went to was round.

I saw honeybees everywhere, too. Big open fields of wildflowers with large trees to build nests in, I guess.

4 Responses to “Rush Oak Openings”

  1. glorious Says:

    Good to see the bees. I’ve seen some around our house too.

  2. jackalope Says:

    So — that’s where all the bees have gone. Give them back!!

  3. Nicola Says:

    Great to see you have some bees – and a great set of shots.

  4. Mendon Ponds Park « Night Panther Says:

    […] think that this area may be another Oak Opening. It’s a grass/milkweed meadow surrounded by an oak forest. It seems very similar to the Rush […]

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