Mountain out of a Mole Hill

Since I’ve been cruising the internets for camera gear, I decided to make a list of Macro Photography equipment.  Not all of these are essentials, but they can help you take better Macros.

Wireless Remote Flash.  If your camera has an option for a wireless flash, GetIt!  Being able to hand-hold the flash without a bulky cable is amazing.  Don’t cheap out, like I almost did.  Nikon SB-600, Canon Speedlight 430EX.

Tripod.  Get as good a tripod as you can afford.  It’s really hard to plunk down big bucks for a nice tripod, but they are steadier than the cheap ones.  Benbo Trekker. Bogen 725B.   For nature photography, I think this tripod strap looks terrific: Bogen 401N

Macro Lens.  Again, get the best lens you can afford.  Macro lenses focus very closely. A 1:1 Macro can focus so closely that the subject is represented on the camera’s sensor in life size.  My interest and skill in macro photography increased dramatically when I got a purpose-built macro lens.  Sigma 50mm 1:1 Macro, Sigma 105mm 1:1 Macro, Tamron 90mm 1:1 Macro.  I use the Tamron 90.

One Response to “Mountain out of a Mole Hill”

  1. Nicola Says:

    I have been looking at tripods – after getting camera shake a few times on holiday.

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