Flatter and Deeper Pictures

Here’s something to keep in mind when you want to change the effect of a picture. Most cameras have zoom lenses that change the magnification of your subject. Zoom range also changes the perspective of your picture. A wide angle lens tends to add depth to your pictures. Telephoto lengths tend to flatten your image. here’s what I mean:

Here’s the still from the Fire on the Genesee Civil War reenactment. It was taken at 28mm. Compare the sense of depth in this picture to:

This picture was taken at 240mm. Shooting at higher zoom lengths pulls a picture closer together. As the distance increases, the picture seems to become more two dimensional. That and the shooting aperture are why sports pictures look razor “thin”

That fence is 60 feet away from my driveway. I took this picture from my car window with my 70-300mm zoom.

This perspective change that occurs when you zoom on a distant object is why it’s a good idea to avoid using the digital zoom on your camera. Digital zooms increase the magnification without increasing the perspective. This distorts the picture. It’s better to crop your pictures in photoshop after you’ve pulled them off the camera.

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