A Form of Writing

5/19/2007 Civil War Reenactment Set, Slideshow (292 Pictures)

Blogging may be a new form of writing. I read novels, short stories, magazine articles, poetry, haiku. Where do blog entries fit in? I read them everyday. We can’t really call blogging a journal, it’s more of a short verse.

We’re not asking questions of ourselves as we would in a journal. We’re asking everyone in the world questions. We’re trying to convince or cajole, humor or insult. Just as the forms of writing vary, so does the quality. Here’s what I think blogging is…


Blogging isn’t about Me telling you what to think.

Blogging isn’t about You telling me what to think.

Blogging is about ME telling YOU what I THINK!

Bgoglnig wtih a sepllckceehr swols dwon waht I tnihk

Blogging like grammar with yoda ignorant doesn’t think.


Blogging dirty pictures? What would your mother think?

Blogging about the government? What would your father think?

Gniggolb sdrawkcab ekil icniV aD, tahw od uoy kniht?

Blogging all day makes jack a dull boy, oo0, am I on the brink?

3 Responses to “A Form of Writing”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Love the verse …………. The enactment looks like fun

  2. Manuel Says:

    That was very clever!

  3. glorious Says:

    Blogging is definately a new form of writing. I like it because it is mostly honest and current and we can communicate with people we would probably never meet.

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