A Night with the Ninety

MrManuel commented that he wants to get into macro photography, so I decided to take my 90mm Macro to Mendon Ponds. Amber and I took a wrong turn somewhere and wound up tramping through a swamp. We made it back, eventually. We definitely took the road less traveled… Actually, I think it was more of a deer trail 😉

That’s a Trillium on the left. I don’t see them very often and hardly ever in full bloom. Cool. I’m not sure what the other two plants are, but I like them a lot.

I ran across this hawk on the way home. She was sitting on a power line looking for dinner. She didn’t take too kindly to me stopping by the side of the road to take pictures. Sorry about that…

Mendon Ponds 2007 Set

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One Response to “A Night with the Ninety”

  1. Manuel Says:

    That middle one is awesome!

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