Versailles has a very interesting history. It started out as a humble hunting lodge, became the seat of government for France’s most powerful king, was abandoned for almost a century… and now it’s a tourist attraction. I kept chuckling as I walked back and forth in the front square… “Louis XIV would cut my head off for sitting on his fountain.” LOL

Versailles isn’t just a building, or even a palace. It goes beyond all those descriptions, as the Louvre does. It’s a symbol for the glory of a civilization that has endured for more than a thousand years. Anyone entering those halls is humble before the state.

Speaking of being humble before the state. If walking into this palace isn’t intimidating enough for you, you also have to deal with Fasces. They are literally EVERYWHERE. I mean, they even made the table legs out of bound rods. I know about Fasces from some coin collecting I do. Since Roman times, the bound rods have been a symbol of the power of the State. Louis didn’t want anyone misunderstanding their place when they visited his little country home. Versailles was originally built so Louis XIV could move his court away from the intrigues of Paris and into a place where he could “Keep his enemies closer”

Versailles is a hard place to take pictures. No flashes, no tripods, suspicious guards in every room. To get around these restrictions, I used the floor and the barriers that keep tourists away from the merchandise. I either propped my camera on the floor or the feet of the barrier posts. I didn’t get every shot, but I could take long exposures if I didn’t get bumped. Great for taking pictures of those marvelous ceilings.

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2 Responses to “Versailles”

  1. Nicola Says:

    They are pretty amazing too.

  2. Manuel Says:

    Just beautiful. So jealous!

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