Lollypop favorites and a grey ghost

I already have 3 cats in the house, otherwise I might have adopted Kyle here.

I open a cage, and the cat’s either half asleep (left) or super alert (right). I didn’t have any door dashers today.

The pile of kittens boiling out of one cage doesn’t count.

I found Smokey again. He was hiding in the basement the whole time. Shaking the cat treat can finally brought him out this morning. He’s friendly, but seems to have a phobia of my dog. That’s why he’s been in the basement this whole time. Amber doesn’t care, 1 cat, 3 cats, all the same to her. So, they should eventually get along. I’ll see if I can coax a photo session or two out of him this week.

4 Responses to “Lollypop favorites and a grey ghost”

  1. Joey Says:

    That kitten is simply darling!

  2. jackalope Says:

    How could you resist that face. What an expressive look.

  3. Manuel Says:

    That cat at the top is adorable!

  4. Nicola Says:

    Poor Smokey and Kyle is rather handsome !

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