Fishing Joke

A conservation officer was driving down a country lane when a man waved him down.

“Officer!  there’s a man on the pond back there fishing with dynamite!  You have to stop him, he’s going to kill someone!”

The conservation officer parked and ran down to the pond.  A man was just pulling his boat up on the shore.  As he approached, the man seemed to tense up.

“I have reports that you’re fishing here illegally.”

“W’aall, Y’all outta come on out wid me an’ see fer yerself.”

They launched the boat and rowed out to the middle of the pond.  The man cast a line into the water while the officer watched.  A moment later, he lit a stick of dynamite and tossed it over the side.

“Hey!  You can’t fish with dynamite!  that’s illegal!”

The man calmly pulled out another stick, lit it, and handed it to the conservation officer.

“Ya gonna talk, or ya gonna fish?”

3 Responses to “Fishing Joke”

  1. Randi Says:

    Sounds like my dad.

  2. Manuel Says:

    Hmm….does it work?

  3. jackalope Says:

    A good way to fish and have stew chunks, too.

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