Fossil Scouting

I decided to go down to Pittsford Plaza to see the old Erie Canal site for myself. I didn’t find any fossils, but I did find this neat piece of Obsidian. I was also able to identify the shale layer in the side of the canal. There aren’t very good fossil hunting spots close to the lock since the approaches to the lock are clad in stone, hiding the sediment underneath. The spot that I’ve heard of is further North East, behind the Spring House. I didn’t get that far north. The ice is thin this time of year, and I didn’t want to walk too far. the trail thins out as it goes north of the lock. Next time, I’m going to park in the Spring House parking lot instead of the Wegman’s lot.

Here are some pictures of the two halves of the lock.

A view towards the lock (left), and away from the lock (right) I didn’t wade into the water, there’s a little wooden bridge that crosses the old canal about 30 meters northeast of the lock.

Amber hanging out on the bridge and next to the lock intakes.

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5 Responses to “Fossil Scouting”

  1. Sonja Says:

    You sure have a lot of cool places to explore. There is so much development out here in my area that we don’t have big open spaces like this with fossils in them. Or else maybe I just haven’t looked closely enough!

  2. Nicola Says:

    burrrrrrrrrrrrr that looks so cold !

  3. Fossil Hunting in upstate New York « Night Panther Says:

    […] of fossils that can be found there.  EDIT: I scouted the Pittsford site and posted about it HERE.  I think a better place to search for fossils would be behind the Spring House instead of the […]

  4. craig Says:

    Hey… great info. I’d love to find a eurypterid myself. We have a quarry here in Blfo that is famous for them, around 1900 that’s where they found many that went to museums around the world… but the quarry is closed unless you have connections, and supposedly the rock is very tough to get through anyway.

    I’d love to check out this site you mention, any better details on where to look? I see the spring house, but I don’t see where the canal goes there. Is it on the opposite side of the highway from the locks when you get that far north?

    Any ideas on how accessible the rock is?

  5. Pat Campbell Says:

    Hey, I appreciate the photos, especially of the old lock in Pittsford. I live a few miles from there and never realized it was even back there behind the Spring House. Sometime I will take my dog for a walk back there.

    My 5th grade class takes an annual fossil dig expedition to East Bethany. We plan to go next month. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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