Dear Mrs Clinton

Clinton/Massa Photo Set

I’m writing because of the dispute that you and Barack Obama are having.  I feel it is inappropriate for you to take such an aggressive stance towards the comments made by David Geffen.  Mr. Obama cannot be held responsible for the comments of a private citizen any more than you can be held responsible for comments your supporters make.  Despite Mr. Geffen’s involvement in fund raising for the Obama campaign, he is still not speaking for Mr. Obama when he criticizes you.

I have been very satisfied with your performance as my senator here in New York State, but this incident has shaken my support for your campaign.  You can certainly re-engage me in the future, but for now, I will not be supporting you until your rhetoric refocuses on the issues.  Instead of focusing your outrage on a political rival, you should be engaging Mr. Obama on the issues.  Save that outrage for Mr. Geffen, he deserves it for the personal nature of his comments.

Thank You


2 Responses to “Dear Mrs Clinton”

  1. Sonja Says:

    Politics as usual. I would love see a woman President, but I’m sorry to say that I will not be voting for Hillary. She’s very polarizing and I don’t want to throw my vote away on her. I’d love to see Obama elected. I don’t know how long he can maintain his ideological stance, but it would be fun to find out.

    However, I am very disappointed in the way the Democrats have been conducting themselves. I feel they are chickenshits for not pulling the funding on the war. Their “nonbinding resolution”, while symbolic, was cowardly. I can’t understand why since most of the public would be behind ending the war.

  2. Sonja Says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize they had stolen my “polarizing” remark till I watched the video, LOL!

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