Best picture goes to.

The thought came to me earlier… “Pick your best picture.” Very hard to do. I have pictures that mean different things to me. They “best” approximate the image I was trying to capture. Once you know how to operate your camera, that’s really all there is to photography. You create a great picture when you most accurately capture what you saw.

That doesn’t always mean you took a sharp picture. Looking at a waterfall may make you feel serene, so you use a smaller aperture and slower shutter speed. The guy next to you sees a raging cataract. He widens his aperture, speeds up his shutter speeds. You both took great pictures… of the same thing.

Cameras really are the mind’s eye. It’s a unique device for capturing both a place and a mood. It’s analytical and creative at the same time. After I’ve been using my camera heavily for say a week, I’ll walk around guessing exposure values for a couple days. It’s as if I’ve adapted my vision to the camera viewfinder, similar to the way a person gets used to a new eyeglass prescription.

That’s why photography is so fun. Looking through that dim mirror both hides and reveals things about the world. Sometimes, I reveal something that only has meaning to me, sometimes other people share it. Either way, it’s a great picture, to someone.

3 Responses to “Best picture goes to.”

  1. glorious Says:

    I like purple flowers, the colt running, and the surf. Very interesting broken pottery in the grass and what is that glowing one?

  2. Manuel Says:

    The lasst two pics are very eerie. Cool though.

  3. Nicola Says:

    Tough one – will have to think on that – they are all good.

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