Kite Aerial Photography. What better way is there of putting precious and expensive gear at risk? I placed my one and only Nikon FG on a kite back in college. Predictably, the line broke, and my camera fell 150 feet onto a parking lot. After putting the pieces of the camera back together, it worked! If I put a battery in it, it would probably still work.

Anyway, all I know is that my D70 is for taking pictures OF the kite, not FROM the kite.

So, how to get back into kite photography? Do it on the cheap! My favorite kind of project. Well, cheap usually seems to be my kind of project. I don’t remember thinking that I have way too much money, unless you count that night Mike and I drank ourselves under the table on homemade wine.

Here’s the beginning of my KAP Project. I need a kite and the guts from an old toy RC truck.

Take the remote control receiver, battery and steering servo out of the truck. Pack those in an old Bushnell mini binocular case.

Rig up a camera mount. luckily, I have a case of Erecter set parts for just such an emergency. (My last erecter set project was a cat treat Catapult)

This is just the first prototype, I already see some changes that I want to make to the camera mount. I’ll post more pictures as I progress.

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  1. Nicola Says:


    Looks technical and therefore *risky* to me !

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