What makes a person truly expand their mental boundaries? Everyone is always telling me to expand my boundaries. Except the Jehovah’s witness, he thought I should narrow my boundaries. Honestly, it stunned me for a second, and I asked him again if that’s what he wanted me to do. He said yes. Anyway, here’s what I think expanding my boundaries means.

I found this article in the AP feed. It’s about a skull found in Romania. It may be a cross between a Homo Sapien and a Neanderthal. It’s important because it sheds light on the debate as to whether the two species interbred. It’s not a subject that I know much of anything about. I still read the article, and tried the bend my brain around the implications it would have on Human evolution. How do other events like the Human Evolutionary Bottleneck impact our history? That occurred about 70.000 years ago. This skull is about 40,000 years old. The evidence seems to suggest that evolution to an intelligent form is a very tenuous thing. It can get sidetracked or snuffed out on Toba’s whim. Life on a planet has to develop fast to have a chance. It’s reasonable to assume that extraterrestrial life will have one thing in common with us. It has to develop as an aggressive species. Just about every successful species on this planet is very aggressive. So, there are about 1000 species in our Galaxy that are as aggressive as Humans. We’ve been broadcasting into space for almost 70 years, and the signal has been getting stronger ever since. So, what are the chances of species overlapping in our Galaxy? It’s a big place; there may be enough space out there for all of us. Assuming that civilizations scatter about the Galaxy randomly, it’s possible that two civilizations could detect each other at some point in their history. Who knows if we’re one of those species? I suppose we’ll only find out if we find out.

Oh, I see what he meant about narrowing my boundaries.

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One Response to “Extrospection”

  1. Manuel Says:

    “There is something out there waiting for us….and it ain’t no man!”

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