Dreaming of You

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What if everything we see and experience is nothing but a dream? Imagine it for a moment. We live in a bland world that siphons the creativity and energy from us. The walls close in on us as we stare at them in despair, so we rush to bed each night, hoping for relief from our monotonous lives.

A vibrant life greets us in the dream world were strife and conflict, beauty and serenity flow into our hungry minds. I see you when we are awake, but I imagine that I can almost see through your translucent skin to the dull core of your heart. At night, we swirl together, then apart, in a dance of grace that will only end with waking. We cling together, bathed in a light that the day can only steal away with the beat of that external drum. When we sleep, we are heroes of legend, questing for truth in a way that the waking world can only imitate with a pale shadow.

When I sleep, I pity the shallow fool who created me through the dream. He has no light within him, no love for this world that boxes him in. In my dream, he is beautiful, because I am beautiful. You are there with me, too. When I look in your face, there is a friendship there that we’ll never know when we are awake. You frowned at me this morning, but tonight you’ll smile. Perhaps I’ll smile back.

I had a nightmare once where I screamed, but no sound came out. I walked towards the house without any will to stop my trembling feet from moving forward. I stood at the top of the steps, and stared down an impossibly long flight of stairs. I stepped forward and fell. Instead of striking the floor, I passed through it and into a field of stars. I had the sense of falling, but no references to show me how fast I was moving. I closed my mouth, but the screaming still railed silently against my skull. I awoke, grateful to have escaped from my terror. The day held no respite for me, though, and I still slept the next night, hoping for a better dream.

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