A Projection

I’ve been pondering a concept of mind for some weeks now.  Plato said that everything around us is nothing but a dream.  It seems so easy for me to envision, but when I tried to explain it to others over my vacation, they couldn’t understand what I was trying to say.  We feel that the world around us is real.  We can touch it, see, it hear it.  Once the momentary sensation is gone, the world fades to a memory, and exists only in our minds.  So, how far of a leap is to say that everything around us is nothing but a projection of our minds?  The person sitting next to you is no more than a dream, because you can never really experience that person, except through the filter of your mind and body.  The objects in our world have that same nebulous quality.  Think of the things in this world that you’ve never seen or experienced.  No one has ever actually seen an atom, or the particles that make up that atom.  They only exist in our minds, because we have no other way to experience those tiny bits.  That’s why physicists joke that quantum mechanics is the dreams that stuff is made of.  If atoms are dream objects, then we can imagine that the objects they form when they clump together (everything) are dream objects, too.

4 Responses to “A Projection”

  1. Nicola Says:

    That might be because they need to feel that the world they live in is real – if you take that reality away they have nothing to cling onto – they have no anchor – no nothing – and that scares them rather than liberates them.

  2. jackalope Says:

    Yes! Nicola is right. It’s scary for those grounded solely in the material world to acknowledge things unseen and out of their personal control. Although – they would also be surprised at how “thoughts become things” and realize that they have a whole new kind of control if they would only pay attention.

  3. Daniel C. Barker Says:

    A few ponderous thoughts…

    I’ve written over 20,000 words on this… not sure where to go with it..


    All is and is not. There is never been anything else since all is all and all is not. This change in state is an illusion of our sensory perception of the resonating is. We are all we always have been. The resonance is us. Consciousness is resonance. All is resonance. We are both. We sense both memory is the all. Resonance is memory. If we are resonance and resonance is all than will does not exist. We sense change through modulation of resonance into waves because of pressure change when because of the is, not having an is not changes state of the not all to is all but because this something is the is not is and is not. This state of is is is not and is is exists because is is always is. Our sensations are is and is has a state of is and is not the resonance is always both. We sense the always missing is not which is not and not is not. The point at which both is and is not are in balance thus leaving is without the all and not all makes is an is not. This nothing is and is not just as is is and is is not and is not is and is not

    time is the perception of nonexistence which is when resonance has changed states. Nonexistence is and existence is because there is only an is when is is.

    therefore since nonexistence always mirrors existence we sense changes in existence because we see change in existence from the view of nonexistence. Therefore we are always aware.

    All matter is warped space understood by us through sensory interaction and is experienced only as memory.

    The ability to warp matter before the knowledge of perceived now which is really an impression of an event long over in quantum sense is an action we are unaware of. Typing this ponderous concept using this keypad is far more complicated than one may intuit. The brain knows the basis to warp matter in a sensed physical method. The higher the resonance of the tool used the more relative interactions of spacetime and the more interactions we make the more remembered states we impress through our resonanting conscious wave. This interaction lessens inertia of tendency and the relative oscillation between consciousness and soul lessens. Our consciousness interacts ever so slightly with soul sensing a weak resolve.

    the rosetta stone for experience of change and perception of the notion of the speed of time may lie in electron polarity changing states as a result of a certain pressure of
    of waves that affect changes in state of polarity and the pressure and vibration where vibration may
    may be the difference in the force pressure between each point of vibrational waves. the rhythum is the same only vibrational frequency changes as a result of the potential difference as negative space that exists in zero time is affected by the pressure as the grand canyon was affected by water This energy is the one state. The all creates normal perceived space through the differences in pressure as positve and negative states of will to cancel each other out at different amplitudes create differntial voids where energy has reached higher vibration removing an even force from negative space the pressure waves to act on the negative space as all sides pressurize against the naturally occuring positive space to create balance once again. This intersection of pressure waves creates higher vibration at the centre of negetive space. the vibrations reach such a difference in positive and negative oscillations so as they no longer match the rhythum of change of the lower frequency waves and therefore cannot affect negative space the waves cannot cancel each other out acheiving balance and there is no interactiion creating pressure buildup of the one constant never changing force that is in all. The resonance of the one force increases as it eventually the merge of the changing

    the cause of pressure of energy waves is the key to all existence.

    Daniel C. Barker
    TENDENCERIA(The Pentagram Ratio)

  4. A.A.Slayden Says:

    We have seen atoms, and have measured the smaller bits.
    Ironically, it’s after we are sure they are there that we have determined that they’re not necessarily there.

    As for clinging to a world, everyone clings to a world. Everyone needs a stability. For some, that world needs to be real, for others, it needs to be a dream. We all get to a point where we have *decided* and concluded some things about reality to be true. Some of these things may be so important to us that we will deny logic and reason before denying them. Everyone has a reality they need.

    Regarding the sentiment of the your post, however, Night panther, I understand where you’re coming from. It’s profound, the notion that we can only live as ourselves, and so never be sure of anything around us. Our senses can trick us, and could be musings of a wild imagination from which our ideas of reality are spawned and nested, and through which the only certainty that remains is that we exist, and we are alive.

    However, I think that if we haven’t any means of sensing or knowing true reality, the least we can do is learn about this one.


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