Not that kind of Juana

On the bus from the airport to the resort, the guide asked the passengers “Who here likes MamaJuana?”  One guy in the back kind of sheepishly half raised his hand.  The guide then asked a couple in the front seat if they wanted kids.  If so, they should stock up while they were on the island.  You see, MamaJuana is the national drink of the Dominican Republic.  The joke that everyone tells is that it’s “Dominican Viagra”  It was funny the first dozen times, then it got a little tiring.  I never got tired of the drink, though.  The bottle is 3/4 full of rum, 1/4 full of honey.  The mixtures is steeped in certain sticks and leaves.  After a couple weeks, what comes out is a smooth, slightly sweet, rum.

I’m not kidding about the viagra thing, check out the label.  Medicinal… lol.  I’ll research the claims and call the FDA. 😉

2 Responses to “Not that kind of Juana”

  1. Sonja Says:

    “This product augments the male vitality” Wow. Are you sure that all that’s in it is honey and rum. That looks like a long list of mysterious ingredients…

  2. Nicola Says:

    Sounds lethal !

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