What’s Your Theory?

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This Schoolhouse rock parody only aired once before the producers of Satruday Night Live were forced to pull it.   It never showed up in any of the syndicated reruns of the episode, and basically would have dissapeared forever if some enterprising folks hadn’t taped the original episode.  I don’t like to feel that conspiracy theory itch… makes me feel like wearing my tinfoil hat… but I think we can all agree that multi national corporations don’t really give a rat’s rear what happens to you and me as citizens, just as long as another consumer is there to replace us in line at Walmart.  Amazing how normal people can come together to form a heartless corporation.  A person who would never hurt anyone can sign a memo that will sentence innocents to their death without a second thought.

As an example, I present the case of Bhopal india.  Union Carbide built their plant in India precisely because the environmental laws were almost non existent there.  The result was one of the worst industrial accidents in history.  All to make a buck just a little bit faster.  UC’s profits weren’t at risk, this tragedy was caused by individuals like you and me, putting corporate profits ahead of responsibility.


Without oversight or a concerned citizenry, what tragedies wait for us in the future?  In the US, Congress has relaxed safety standards for more than 6 years now.  What repurcussions will that have?  People complain about over regulation and government intereference, but who’s interests are they helping when they do so?  People from Love Canal, NY to Prince William Sound would argue that it was a lack of oversight that caused their tragedies, not over regulation.

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