At The Gate

I think there’s another parallel that can be drawn between our own situation and the fall of the Roman Empire.  A loose parallel perhaps, but history only seems to repeat.  If Nero was alive today, he might be fiddling with an Air Guitar Tshirt.

Rome and the Western empire fell partly due to tenuous foreign trade routes.  As Rome’s sphere shrank, important resources were lost.  Rome was trapped into an eternal conflict to maintain its borders.  In the East, the emperor tried to purchase peace by paying large ransoms to the barbarians.

Both empires eventually fell to be replaced by a theocratic Dark Age.  Rome’s fate doesn’t have to be repeated, things are much different in the world today.  What we can say is that, for the two Empires, neither appeasement nor war helped them ward off encroaching barbarians.

It does seem to me that a middle line between negotiation and war would have been a better solution when facing the barbarians.

One Response to “At The Gate”

  1. jackalope Says:

    I’m not a history buff, but I do like the idea of my own personalized water spout!

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