Glenn Beck

In this video, Glenn Beck asks a newly elected Democratic Congressman to prove to him that he is not working with our enemies. He states that he doesn’t believe it’s true “but many Americans feel it’s true.”

I have been hearing this kind of question posed to democrats for months now. During the lead up to the election, conservatives posed this point, couching it in whatever retractions they felt would give them immunity from criticism.

It’s repugnant to hear statements and innuendos floated across the media implying that Democrats, indeed Liberals in general, are unpatriotic or terrorist sympathizers. Regardless of any retraction, the point remains. I listen to Rush Limbaugh’s program, I watch Fox Tv, so I know how often this point has been made. Dick Cheney implied several times before the election that a vote for the Democrats is a vote for the terrorists.

I’m disgusted by this argument, that is made over and over again by conservatives. Calling me a terrorist sympathizer is insulting and wrong. I’m sure that Glenn Beck would tell me that he doesn’t believe it, but he’ll still say it on his television show next week. The only place that terrorists will get sympathy is from other terrorists. Connecting liberals with terrorists breaks all bounds of reason and denies the truth that we all see in front of us. Americans do not want terrorist attacks on our own country, we do not want terrorists to operate in our country. Place the blame for terrorism where it belongs, with the terrorists. The politics of division hurts this country. Pressing this point does more to help terrorism than any liberal does.

So, Glenn Beck, go F*ck yourself!

One Response to “Glenn Beck”

  1. jackalope Says:

    Amen! I am tired of being demonized for being a liberal. I think liberals are much more concerned about the many, while the conservatives are only concerned for a few. I’m trying to stay within the boundaries of what I believe spiritually, but what I really want to do is to be angry, very angry. But perhaps this is what is needed, liberals should get mad and voice their opinions as loudly as the Neocons do.

    I am so glad the Republicans got their asses kicked last week, it was time for some comeuppance.

    These conservatives have nearly destroyed our country. Rush Limbaugh (his criticism of Michael J. Fox was the last straw)and his ilk need to be shipped to some deserted island where they can just yell at and kill each other. Let the rest of us live in peace.

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