Powder Mill Park

I went down to the Powder Mill Hatchery today to see what’s changed. In the last ten years, ownership of the hatchery has changed twice, and there have been outbreaks of whirling disease. They had a very close call with closure a few years ago, but the Riedman Foundation bought the hatchery and turned it into a non-profit organization. Powder Mill raises trout and salmon species that are released into Irondeqouit creek . The creek connects to Lake Ontario. Donations are the primary funding source for the hatchery. Fish food vending machines dot the grounds so visitors can feed pellets to the trout.

Fish pellets taste just fine to cats, too. There were two kittens following the visitors hoping for a careless moment. They didn’t take too kindly to competition from my dog. Lucky for them, Amber only seemed intereted in a pile of rotting leaves.

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One Response to “Powder Mill Park”

  1. otakulab Says:

    pictures of powdermill park – and none of the mushroom-jetson-pod house? …shame on you. ^_~

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