Short Story 10

I tried writing an opening for my short story. I just wrote without reviewing my notes, trying to see if I could create a mood or get any ideas to kick start this project. I haven’t really thought about the story in a while. It doesn’t follow the notes very well, so I’ll probably wind up dumping it. We’ll see…

I can almost see the sun through the window. I can imagine what the light of a new day will feel like, even with my eyes closed. I don’t trust my memory. This really will be a new dawn for me. I have to remember what happened last night, I think it’s important. Something’s different now, but I’ll never know what it is if I can’t remember what I was like yesterday. Where to begin? An experiment, THE experiment. Yes, that’s it. There’s debris all around me, but it wasn’t like that last night. Virobots, yes, microscopic machines. They’re everywhere, the workbench writhes with them. They tingle under my fingertips. They should be locked in their enclosure, but the growth lattice is smashed. I remember building the lattice months ago. Billions of carbon nano tubes, bound together into infinite habi-trails, a suitable environment for these cell sized machines to live and thrive in. That was my greatest idea, the one that made all the others possible. The growth lattice is 99 percent air, but there is enough surface area inside it to support a 100 billion virobots. 100 billion, yes, that’s how many neurons are in the human brain. That’s what this was about. I wanted to produce virobots in the growth lattice until they could mimic the human brain.

Alone, a virobot is nothing. There is code written into its program to specialize the artificial cell, but it has no intelligence. As that virobot reproduces, the new “cells” diversify, increasing the complexity of the program and the capabilities of the colony. I wrote the program to create a certain pattern as the virobots reproduced. That pattern should have become intelligent as the number of virobots reached the critical point of 100 billion cells. Did it? I can’t remember.

3 Responses to “Short Story 10”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Sounds kind of creepy in a sci-fi horror kind of way.

  2. glorious Says:

    I like this type of story. Keep going. 🙂

  3. Nicola Says:

    This is fascinating and creepy at the same time

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