Squirrel Tail

I was wondering what the dog was up to last night, so I poked my head out the back door.  There she was, munching on something.  At first, I couldn’t make out what it was.  As I got closer, I realized that she was chewing a dead squirrel.   Yuck.  Of course, squirrel breath sat next to the bed breathing on me while I tried to go to sleep.  Then the cat barfed on my bedroom carpet.   Today’s another day, I suppose.

5 Responses to “Squirrel Tail”

  1. glorious Says:

    Poor squirrel. Yesterday I came home for lunch and a squirrel was eating a little peanut butter cup on my front step. He was so busy he wouldn’t move to let me in the front door. Very cute.

  2. Sonja Says:

    Here’s an idea – dog food LOL!

  3. Manuel Says:

    That’s gross!

  4. Nicola Says:

    Animals can be so gross at times ……….

  5. Suresh Gundappa Says:

    Superb shot! How much is your Pixel size? can u make it a close up shot?

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