Unforgettable Pictures

I went to the west coast of Mexico in 2001. Cabo San Lucas was one of the stops. They recently got hit by a hurricane, so the subject of my most unfrogettable picture is undoubtedly gone forever.

I went on a shore excursion to take pictures of… everything. That place is (was? hope not) awesome. As I was returning, I paused on the dock right at the gangplank. Next to the harbor shuttle was an 8 foot row boat. It was completely swamped, but a dockline still held the stern out of the water. the name of the dinghy? “Titanic”.

People started to jostle around me to get on the shuttle. The porter motioned me onto the boat, and I followed the rest of the people onto the shuttle. I don’t know why I didn’t take the picture. I was a little stunned when I first saw it, it was such a great picture.

It IS a great picture. I just never captured the moment. I think about that picture occasionally when I’m out taking pictures. Photography is about saving one or two moments out of an experience. It’s the experience that creates the photos, not the other way around. Experience flows all around us when we’re living our lives. We see unique and stunning things all the time. We save them for ourselves as memories. Taking the picture lets us share our perspective with other people for just an instant. I have the misfortune of having one of those stunning, funny moments trapped in my head where you’ll never see it, no matter how much I’d like to share it.

One Response to “Unforgettable Pictures”

  1. glorious Says:

    But you described it so perfectly, I can see it. šŸ™‚

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