Second Thought on Thirds


The Rule of Thirds really is a description of reality. Nautilus shells, Human faces, Hurricanes, Galaxies, all of these things have exactly the same proportions. 1:1.618, about 2:3. Nature doesn’t usually allow for perfect proportions, so it’s ok to round off here and there. The cool thing about photography is that you can create the rule of thirds out of any view. In abstract photos, capturing thirds of the frame is what I’m after, not creating a horizon. I still like straight lines, so I make triangles and squares. Then sometimes, I make circles… go figure.

Sometimes it’s familiarity, sometimes it’s strangeness that makes a good picture. To that end, I present Dueling Fire Hydrants! I’m sure there’s some technical reason for having two hydrants 15 feet apart… but it eludes me right now.


One Response to “Second Thought on Thirds”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Now the fire hyrdrants are cool !

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