Another Lollypop Sunday

I caught this little guy over at Lollypop Farm. After keeping him (her?) in an aquarium for a week, I took a set of pictures and let it go in my strawberry patch. Hopefully, it settles in and starts munching on some of the critters out there.

After taking my pictures at Lollypop this week, Amber and I hit the farm trail. She rolled in something that I didn’t look at too closely, then we made fun of the Emus.

This guy was happier than a pig in….

4 Responses to “Another Lollypop Sunday”

  1. Sonja Says:

    That piggy is wonderful! Sometimes I feel like this when my house needs cleaning…

  2. Margie Says:

    I love the Piggy pictures and of course the Dog wiggling on its back. I love when my two do that – well, most of the time. Usually when PeeWiggles my Basset Hound gets a roll over on back wiggle – she has found something “stinky”.

    Stopping by via Doc John’s recommendation. Great Photoblogging! -Margie

  3. Manuel Says:

    Wow, all good pics. I always love your insect pictures, dogs playing is always a cute pic, and how can you not take a picture of a pig basking in the mud?!?! Awesome!

  4. Nicola Says:

    That pig looks so contented …………

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