Mendon Misty Meadow

Mendon Ponds Park

My Mendon Ponds Flickr Set

After two days of heavy rain, the Southern Meadow trail was still soaked through when Amber and I got there yesterday. I’m glad I wore jeans, double socks and boots. Mendon Ponds Park was created through glaciation. Inside the park, there are many of the classic Glacier formations. kettle holes and other dramatic formations dot the park. Monroe County maintains trails through each of these formations. Amber and I took the High Meadow yesterday.

The trail head is in a valley. After a short walk in a hardwood swamp, the trail climbs a steep hill. The climb opens up on a higland meadow. The Plateau spreads out for more than a mile from the point where the trail crests the hill. Goldenrod and Milkweed dominate this space during the late summer. You can see the hard woods surrounding the meadow. It’s a great place. The county is in the process of recovering/developing this habitat. Bluebird houses are scattered everywhere on the meadow. I read that there is a fox living on the meadow. A good winter project. Now I need a longer telephoto lens 😉

At the other side of the meadow is another steep climb, down this time. Quaker Pond lies in the hollow. The growth is way too thick right now, so I stuck to the path. There’s deer sign everywhere. The human path is bordered by deer rubs, scat, and crisscrossed by deer trails. Amber and I ran across at least a dozen deer while we where in the park. I had a great confrontation with a doe at about 100 yards. I just didn’t have the long lens on the camera to capture it. As I crested the last ridge before coming back to my car, I saw a doe 100 yards straight ahead. It would have been a terrific shot. She was at the end of a straight path, looking right at me. We pondered each other for almost a minute. She looked very nervous, so I didn’t want to spook her by changing lenses. I did get some shots, but I had the 90mm macro on… not the right lens for that situation. I was chasing bugs and little critters, after all. I’ll get some better deer shots eventually, the park is packed with them.

BTW, I did find that sunflower field you where talking about, Lori. 🙂 Too bad I was going by at 60 mph with a tailgating dweeb on my tail. 😦 They looked a little droopy anyway… too much rain. I’ll see if they’re feeling better next time I’m down there.

2 Responses to “Mendon Misty Meadow”

  1. Nicola Says:

    These are brilliant ……….. I love the path in the trees

  2. jackalope Says:

    Lyme-o-phobe says: Eeegads!!!

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