Mendon Park South Meadow

My Mendon Ponds Flickr Set
Mendon Ponds Park

I took the dog on the South Meadow trail. We saw at least 10 deer, but she almost dragged me into a pond chasing a frog. Go figure. It’s been raining for two days here, so everything was just drying out this afternoon. I chased a leopard frog as big as my palm for 10 minutes before it gave me the slip. I’ll bring a net next time.

The Southern Meadow trail climbs a short ridge, then flattens out into an upland meadow. Hundreds of acres of Milkweed, Goldenrod, and critters. I have some more pics that I’ll post tomorrow. Yes, I’m milking my set for two days worth of posts… If you can’t wait, check out the the black moth and grasshopper. 🙂

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