Wow, here’s a story from CNN that’s describing something VERY similar to my virobots concept.

This story is about engineered white blood cells that are introduced into the patient, then settle at the site of the tumor. They then procede to kill the tumor because they have been “programmed” by a virus to attack cancer cells. the findings are primitive right now, but promise to be a template for future cancer treatments.

My virobots serve the same purpose in the body, but are based on artificially created micro robots. My virobots also use viruses as message carriers. As a wanna-be science fiction writer, I’ve predicted my first scientific advance! AND it didn’t happen 100 years after I died! Take that Verne!

2 Responses to “ViroBots!”

  1. Manuel Says:

    This would be quite the breakthrough if they perfected it! Here is to your idea coming to fruition.

  2. jackalope Says:

    If only this technology were available for my buddy Rich.

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