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“Temporally coincident occurrence of a causal events.”

In other words, two random things occur simultaneously, so that a human draws some connection between the two. My favorite synchronicity when I was a teenager came when I was driving. As I would approach a red light, sometimes, I’d point at the light, and it would turn green. It didn’t always work, but from my perspective, I had the power to change stoplights in my favor.

Here’s where things go a little awry. You’re (rightly) saying to yourself that I couldn’t change a stoplight anymore than I could fly over the intersection.

From the double slit experiment, we know that the act of observing an event, changes the event. I observed the two things simultaneously, so they had meaning together. I garnered the meaning of the event, even though the stoplight is undoubtedly clueless about the role it played in my enlightenment.

Synchronicity doesn’t necessarily describe simultaneous events, though. Einstein proved that there is no such thing as simultaneous events. Changing the light with my pointing finger only has meaning from my perspective, my relative perspective. So, synchronicity really describes a mental state not unlike déjà vu, where we create meaning from within ourselves.

Nows the point where quantum mechanics goes and complicates things again… Remember that by observing the light change, I’ve changed the event. That doesn’t imply that I have the power to change the light, but something more along the lines of a temporal causality. My mind created the temporal intersection of the light changing and my finger pointing. Since reality only really exists from my perspective, and can only exist if I’m there to witness it, that light did indeed change for me.

Maybe part of me noticed that the light was changing for the other direction, maybe I have some seamless connection with the rhythms of the stoplight. Quantum Mechanics theorizes that the event had both causation and correlation.

In other words, Jung hears my tale and says that I experienced a momentary mental feeling of causation. Pointing and changing lights only have meaning in my mind. Quantum theory hears my story, and says that there is correlation between me and the stoplight, just not enough to change the light, normally. Under certain circumstances, I would be able to use my influence to change the light. Those circumstances can happen at any time and in any intensity. Our awareness of the state change is not required, just the result. Who’s to say that a momentary change in my quantum state didn’t change that light?

2 Responses to “Synchronicity”

  1. Valkyrie Says:

    I love horses. So thanks for the pic.

  2. Paul Says:

    I think you’ve got it about right. I have had dozens, if not hundreds, of “sychronicity” experiences that literally gave me chills. This has been going on for about the last ten years. As George Noorie says, “There are no coincidences.”

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